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The Congregation of Our Lady of Charity of the Good Shepherd, commonly known as Sisters of the Good Shepherd was founded in 1835 by St. Mary Euphrasia Pellettier in Angers, France. Today the Congregation has around 3000 members in 600 communities located in 74 countries of the world. The Sisters of the Good Shepherd have been serving in India from 1854.


We, the Good Shepherd Sisters have committed ourselves to focus our shepherding mission in the following area:

  • Promotion of Economic Justice for the marginalized women belonging to Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe Communities.
  • Protection of Girl Children
  • Prevention of Human Trafficking/Migration
  • Protection of ecology to minimize its imbalance


  • Health, Education, Social Development, Women Empowerment, Economic Development (Livelihoods), Civil Society, Justice and Peace initiatives, Anti-human Trafficking, Legal Aid.


  • Sponsorship program for the children belonging to socially and economically backward families
  • Empowerment of Dalit and Tribal women through Human Rights Education and Economic Development. The economic activities covered under this project:

a) Home-based dairy

b) Agriculture through organic farming methods

c) Goat/pig rearing, Fish-farming, Petty- shops

* Support Adolescent Girls by:

a) Re-enrolling the school dropout students into formal education

b) Coaching the school dropout students to write 10th standard and intermediate examinations through Open School System

c) Helping the school dropout students to attend various vocational courses

d) Providing skills training

e) Creating linkages for job placements

  • Residential Care and education for the girl children in difficult circumstances (Orphans and semi-orphans)
  • Formal education by running schools in Chennai (Tamil Nadu) and Karjat (Maharashtra)
  • Celebrations of International Women’s Day, International Youth Day, International Day of Indigenous people. Girl Child Day, World AIDS Day etc.

Facilities Available

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